Ed Sheeran ‘+ – = ÷ x’ Mathematics Tour Bangkok 2024

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February 11 @ 18:30

Ed Sheeran ‘+ – = ÷ x’ Mathematics Tour Bangkok 2024

Ed Sheeran ‘+ - = ÷ x' Mathematics Tour Bangkok 2024

Seating Plan & Show date

Rajamangala Stadium , Bangkok , Thailand

Rajamangala Stadium , Bangkok , Thailand

Ticket Price12,000 / 7,500 / 6,500 / 5,500 / 4,500 / 3,500 / 2,500 / 1,800

Saturday 10 February 2024

Can be received papaer ticket at TTM counter (11 main braches) January 27,2024 – February 4,2024 or collecting the paper ticket at venue on the event day.



Sponsor Presale
Customers with Eligible UOB cards are eligible to purchase tickets and make payment with your UOB credit card (Citi Debit and Credit Cardmembers can apply this privilege) during the Pre-sale period from 1 November 2566, at 10:00 AM to 3 November at 09:59 AM. Tickets will be available for online purchase at www.thaiticketmajor.com
***For ticket purchases on 1 November 2023, ticket purchasers may log in from 9:00am.
General Public sales
General public ticket sales open from 12pm on 3 November 2023 onward only at www.thaiticketmajor.com
***For ticket purchases on 3 October 2023, ticket purchasers may log in from 11:00am
• One customer can purchase no more than 6 tickets.
• Pre-sale ticket numbers are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
• Your full names will be required to purchase tickets and printed on tickets. The names must be in Thai or English only, and must match your identification document (such as ID card, Passport) upon entry. Please review your booking information before making payment. The names on tickets cannot be changed or transferred.
• Online ticket purchases can be made by credit card, debit card, Pay with KPay+, True Wallet, and Shopee Pay only.
• Payment by credit card, debit card, True Wallet, Shopee Pay convenience fee is 3%. Payment by BBL iBanking , K Pay+ convenience fee is 0.5%.

10 Feb 2024 – Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok
Ed Sheeran is bringing his record-breaking ‘+ – = ÷ x’ Mathematics Tour to Asia and Europe in 2024 (full dates can be found below). Information about pre-sale/on-sale dates and ticket purchasing can be found at www.edsheeran.com
Thai fans will see his highly-anticipated return to Thailand on 10 February 2024 (Saturday) at Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok. Tickets for Ed Sheeran ‘+ – = ÷ x’ Mathematics Tour in Bangkok start from Bt1,800 and will go on sale starting with UOB Presale from 10am 1 November (Wednesday) to 9.59am 3 November (Friday) local time. Public sale starts on 3 November (Friday) on 3 November 2023 (Friday) at 12pm local time. For ticket information and further details, please visit thaiticketmajor.com, the authorised ticket agent.
Sheeran’s upcoming Asia dates will be his first since 2019, and the European shows follow on from his stint on the continent last year. The news comes hot on the heels of his record-breaking USA tour, where Ed set multiple attendance records including Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium and New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium; the latter seeing Ed secure the largest single day concert attendance in the USA, ever.
This year alone, Sheeran released two albums, ‘-ʼ (Subtract) and Autumn Variations, both of which flew to No.1 across the globe. Released to critical acclaim in May and September respectively, Sheeran worked with The National’s Aaron Dessner on both LPs.
All official ticket agent websites will be listed on tour advertising and at www.edsheeran.com
We implore anyone trying to purchase tickets, only to do so from these authorised websites.

In the run up to putting a show on sale we get asked lots of questions relating to the show and ticket sales.  We’ve put together this handy guide to help you navigate your way through the process. We are working hard to do everything we can to make sure that tickets only end up in the hands of genuine fans.

How can I buy tickets?

  • The promoters of Ed Sheeran are committed to combating unethical secondary ticketing and resale.
  • In preparation for on sale, we recommend that you register an account with our approved outlet, only on website at www.ThaiticketMajor.com
  • Once the tickets have been purchased you will receive a simple email confirmation as proof of purchase. This is NOT your ticket or ticket(s)
  • Upon arrival at the show, you will then be required to arrive as a group and present your ticket(s) with the lead booker present. The lead booker will be required to have a photo ID or passport that matches the name on the tickets.

So where should I buy my ‘’face value’’ tickets from?
All official ticket agent websites will be listed on tour advertising and at EdSheeran.com
Only buy tickets from the authorised websites www.ThaiticketMajor.com.

When will they go on sale?
Tickets go on pre-sale on Wed, 1st November 2023 at 10 AM. – Fri, 3rd November 2023 at 9.59 AM.
Tickets go into general on-sale on Fri, 3rd November from 12PM. Onward.

How much are the ‘’face value’’ tickets?
THB 1,800/2,500/3,500/4,500/5,500/6,500/7,500/12,000.

How do I arrange to buy tickets for someone requiring disabled access?
Customers who require either a carer to accompany them or disabled access to the shows should email to: cs@thaiticketmajor.com, or contact Call Centre +662 262 3838.

What is unethical secondary ticketing and ticket resale?
Unethical secondary ticketing is when people buy tickets at face value and then re-sell them at inflated prices via non-artist approved methods and websites, thus denying real fans the chance to buy at face value.
Ticket touts and unauthorised resellers use multiple payment cards, false identities and sophisticated computer programmes (‘bots’) to buy up large amounts of tickets which they then offer for resale at highly-inflated prices.

How many tickets can I buy?
There will be a strict limit of 6 tickets per transaction. This restriction is in place in order to give as many people as possible a fair chance to buy tickets. The whole party must arrive at the same time as the person with the mobile smart phone device containing all the tickets.
PLEASE NOTE that any and all transactions that are detected as bot purchases, patrons creating duplicate accounts in order to purchase more than the ticket limit or any action that indicates a suspicious purchase in excess of the ticket limit will be cancelled.

But we want to go as a bigger group/family?
You will have to try to complete another order with another transaction.

Can I buy tickets as a gift?
The matching ID of the surname of the lead booker will be an entry requirement, the other tickets bought by that person can be used for other people as long as they ALL arrive with the lead booker.  If you want to buy as gifts then you’ll also have to attend to get your recipients into the show.

What are the entry requirements?
To gain access to the concert you are required to bring your physical ticket(s) , email booking confirmation and a valid form of photo ID or passport that matches the name on the ticket(s).

What are the age restrictions?
Audiences under 7 years of age are not recommended to attend the show because of loud noise, and special effects may be used during the show.

I can’t find my confirmation email?
In the first instance please check your junk or spam folder. In busy periods confirmation emails can take up to 24 hours to arrive. If that doesn’t work contact the customer services email to: cs@thaiticketmajor.com, or contact Call Centre +662 262 3838.

I can’t go any more and need to sell on my ticket. What do I do?
The reselling of any Ed Sheeran ticket is strictly forbidden other than through the official face value resale platform of your original point of purchase platform. Any Ed Sheeran ticket offered for resale elsewhere, either on or offline (including Viagogo or any other unauthorised source including all secondary ticket retail websites), will result in the entire original booking being cancelled. The original purchaser and their party will be refused admission and any other purchases they hold will also be cancelled.

When will we receive our tickets?

  • You can collect your purchased ticket(s) at ThaiticketMajor outlets 11 main branches between 27th January to 4th of February 2024. (No ticket distribution between 5-8 February 2024)
  • From 9th – 10th of February 2024, you can collect your purchased ticket(s) at ThaiticketMajor booth at the venue, Rachamangala National Stadium. See location here.
  • Document to present for collecting the ticket(s).

Paid by e-payment

1.  Purchasing confirmation Form.
2.  Payment Invoice Slip.
3.  Present Photo ID or passport of person who made this transaction.                 Paid by credit / debit card.

1.  Purchasing confirmation Form.
2.  Present photo ID or passport of credit/debit card holder.
3.  Present actual credit/debit card used for this transaction.
4.  In case credit card holders is not the same person who made the transaction, present ID card or passport of who made the transaction
Are cameras allowed?
Professional cameras (deemed as cameras with removable lenses), video and recording equipment are strictly forbidden. Personal use cameras and smart-phone cameras are fine.

How early should we turn up?
Please check ticket agent websites for door opening times and do allow yourself plenty of time to get in before the start of the show.

I can’t get in with my tickets, it failed to scan and I’ve been turned away?
Don’t worry, we can try and help you. In the first instance head to the box office where someone will be able to help you work out what’s gone wrong. Remember DO NOT buy a ticket from someone you don’t know either in person on the street OR from an unauthorised secondary ticket website.

What else are you doing to combat the secondary market? 
Your ticket(s) will IMMEDIATELY BE VOIDED/BANNED if resold OR OFFERED FOR SALE.  Tickets sold via third parties and other unauthorized outlets, including online auction sites, and/or in connection with fraudulent activities are not valid for admission. The resale of a ticket renders it invalid and may lead to refusal of entry.

  1. There’s only one type of physical tickets that can be used to enter the show issued by ThaiticketMajor. Please keep information including the QR Code on your ticket confidential. The ticket can only be used to enter the show once. The organizer will not be responsible if your ticket information is leaked or has been used illegally.
  2. When arriving in groups, the lead booker (the name specified as the account holder on an official ticket vendor website and printed on the ticket) needs to be present in order for the whole party to enter the venue. All members of the party should enter the venue at the same time.
  3. In order for tickets to be valid, on arrival at the show the lead booker may be asked to provide all of the following items alongside their ticket(s):

i)    Photo ID (Driving licence, passport)
ii)    Booking confirmation email

  1. Your ticket purchase constitutes a personal, revocable license and, at all times, remains the property of the promoters.
  2. Your ticket/s are sold by the promoters directly to you the consumer.  Any tickets purchased by businesses or traders in breach of the terms and conditions of ticket sale will be cancelled. By accepting these terms and conditions you confirm that you are a consumer.
  3. Your ticket/s will IMMEDIATELY BECOME INVALID if resold OR OFFERED FOR SALE  Tickets sold via third parties and other unauthorized outlets, including online auction sites, are not valid for admission. The resale of a ticket renders it invalid and may lead to refusal of entry.
  4. Ticket sales are limited to a maximum of 6 per transaction.
  5. Only tickets purchased through approved ticket agents are valid for admission.  The venue reserves the right to refuse admission.
  6. Please beware of the scammers, such as booking service, fraud pre-sale code, reselling from third party. The benefits of concert tickets will belong to the customers who purchased tickets from the authorized dealer. Please note that the promoters will not be responsible for the damage caused by third party. The organizer s decision is final.
  7. If the customer purchases the tickets mean that you are accepted all of terms and conditions from promoter.

Full venue terms and conditions available http://bit.ly/46LcbGA